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America's top weightlifting belt maker and training partner gives advice for workouts during COVID-1

The Massachusetts-based entrepreneur is a former champion powerlifter as well as Founder and CEO of Cardillo USA and Cardillo Weightbelts. He started the company in 1987 out of frustration with the poor quality and even worse comfort of the standard weightlifting belts available at the time.

Over the years Cardillo has supplied his high-quality belts to superstar athletes such as Rob Gronkowksi, Michael Jordan, Roger Clemens, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, and WWE legends Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin and many others.

He also hosts top athletes at his one-of-a-kind lakefront outdoor gym facility, where he uses unique training methods and custom-built equipment to create some of the most grueling and intense workouts on the planet.

Cardillo is also the author of the Amazon bestseller "How A Champion is Made" - a comprehensive guide to establishing a winning attitude and drive for success in young people.

But as Americans prepare for a potentially brutal winter of rising COVID-19 infection rates and mandated lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, Cardillo knows not everyone has access to wide open but safely isolated workout space. He offers five pieces of advice to stay healthy and stay strong during the uncertain months that lay ahead:

1. "Be very critical of your food choices and your calorie intake," Cardillo says. "This might be the most important piece of advice - because it's something you can control and implement with nothing other than personal commitment and mental discipline."

2. "Walk or run outside as much as you can. But using a treadmill is fine also as long as you follow a simple principle: come back faster than you went out," Cardillo recommends. "That means if you travel a set distance in 35 minutes on the way "out," try to come back "in" over just a 30 minute period. Whatever time you choose - even if it's just 10 minutes one way. Try to always came back at least one minute quicker."

3. Cardillo also says doing high repetitions when training with just bodyweight is a good strategy. "Push-ups, free squats, lunges, sit-ups and leg raises, to name a few. You can make tremendous gains in strength and fitness with just your own bodyweight and doing as many reps as you are able."

4. "You can purchase (elastic or rubberized) bands that are very inexpensive and do an entire gym workout with them," Cardillo says. "Equipment and available space should never be an obstacle to creating a fully functional training set-up - not matter how small your space."

5. "Train with a partner - no matter where you are. Keep active together and communicate to motivate each other," Cardillo says. "We have all adapted to using the tools of necessity during the pandemic to stay connected: Zoom, Google meet, Facebook Live and Messenger. These tools are perfect for working with a training partner, so put them to use!"

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